life unemployed

this is day four of my unemployment, and it is grand. until i start working again next month, i’m relaxing and centering myself – which for me, means lots of cleaning, organizing, and planning. in other words, i’m a little in heaven.

so what does a day in my life look like right now? a little like this:

{recipe here}

i generally have trouble keeping plants alive. when i first bought this ficus tree last summer, i made the mistake of placing him in what turned out to be a really dark area of my dining room. he lost nearly all his leaves within three days! but that was over a year ago, and he’s thriving now. (i should come up with a name for “him” shouldn’t i?)

j.r. watkins, if you want to pay me to rave about this cleaner, contact me. seriously, i love everything about this product. i bought it because it’s one of the safest cleaning products i’ve come across, and i love it because i can not believe how well it conquers yuckiness. i’m convinced it can clean everything.

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One thought on “life unemployed

  1. The toes: responsible worldwide for untold # of slayings.

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