i had a burn party

last weekend, i had a burn party. it was a small gathering of friends who have been meaningful in my life lately. the decision to leave my job wasn’t just that; it also marked a change in the direction of my life and my career – what i’m willing to put up with and why (identifying my priorities) and what i’m going to with my time from this point on.

naturally, when i was done with that god-awful workplace, i wanted to get rid of all the t-shirts i had accumulated with the company’s logo on them that i had worn nearly every day for a year and a half. but honestly, because this felt like such a milestone in my life, just throwing them in the trash seemed so insignificant.

so i decided to have a symbolic little ceremony and burn them!

the weather was beautiful. i don’t think i could have wished for a better fall evening.

i wore sandals during the day, but i knew it’d be chilly that night, so i packed accordingly.

i didn’t know it ahead of time, but there was a full moon that night. that could not have been more meaningful to me, since my new theme in life is “running with the wolves.”

this is my most favorite photo from the whole night. it was semi-candid: amy (on the left) was paying attention to the camera, i was aware that a picture was being taken but didn’t feel the need to stop for it, and kim was totally doing her own thing. i don’t remember what was being said but it makes me laugh every time.

at the end, we had a little fun experimenting with slow shutter speeds. i call this one, “light writing with the camera flash of my iphone.”

it felt glorious to watch those wretched shirts burn.

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5 thoughts on “i had a burn party

  1. Your photos just get better and better I didn’t even know you could write with a camera flash. Consider me impressed! (Also, why is your camera-flash-iphone writing still prettier than my regular handwriting?)

  2. christine says:

    Pure catharsis! Love it!

  3. decoybetty says:

    I love the idea of burning things, although have never really done it myself!

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