donuts first, christmas tree second

i had a lot of disappointing days this week. something that was not disappointing was getting our tree yesterday. however, priorities come first, and by priorities, i mean donuts. i know you’re all nodding your heads salivating in agreement right now.

and i’m sorry, but that maple bacon donut was so life changing i forgot to take a picture before it was gone. MMMM.

these little nosies think the tree water is just for them.

and this self-proclaimed queen was so content and pleased with herself amidst all those fascinating twinkly lights. well, wouldn’t you be?


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4 thoughts on “donuts first, christmas tree second

  1. Krysten says:

    How are your kitties dealing with the tree? My dogs are doing their best to wreck mine, grr.

    • i usually find one or two ornaments somewhere on the floor when i get up in the morning. mostly they just want to drink the water and sleep under it. i hang all my special ornaments out of their reach just in case things get crazy!

  2. jamie dawn says:

    i have a feeling out babies (the kitties) would get along really well :)

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