i wouldn’t have it any other way

my husband’s birthday was last week and we celebrated it like we do almost every year: by going to the hofbräuhaus in newport, kentucky, right across the river from cincinnati.

he loves the hofbräuhaus for the food. i love it for the atmosphere, especially this time of year when it’s all christmasy, and i love that he loves it so much. it just suits him so well… after all, his family does have german roots.

i just want to say that my husband and i went through a lot of shit this summer. i went through a personal crisis that made me question whether i should even be married to him. i listened to friends whose advice made things worse. i look back on the last eight months and i’m glad for some of the changes i made as a result of the breakdown i had, but i cringe when i think of it all… how much i distanced myself from him, how i almost left him and he just didn’t understand what was happening. i didn’t understand what was happening.

he’s always been supportive of me. he doesn’t always know what i need, but he always listens when i need him to. he doesn’t always know how to respond, and i sometimes get mad about that, but i can feel his sincerity. maybe i had to go through what i went through this summer to get to where i am now, a place where i’m learning to listen to my spirit and body, taking better care of myself inside and out; changing my life by learning more about myself so i don’t get confused into thinking i don’t want something that i have, or that i do want something when i really don’t.

i’m so happy to have celebrated my husband’s birthday with him this year. i wouldn’t have it any other way… and i’m even more thankful that he wouldn’t either.

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3 thoughts on “i wouldn’t have it any other way

  1. decoybetty says:

    This post made me soooo happpy! It takes such strength to go through the shit and say “hey, I still want to celebrate birthdays with you”…

  2. you're just a dumbass says:

    So glad you enjoyed celebrating your husband’s birthday and that you were able to revitalize your relationship! Thanks for sharing this insightful & inspiring article!

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