the E word.🤐

how many books have you read about evolution by non-creationists?

when you hear people say, “evolution says [this]; scientists teach us [that],” do you dare to whisper to yourself, “does it really? do they say that? why would they say that?” and then look for that information for yourself (from the people who say those things)? what do you know about evolution that did not come from a creationist?

if you were raised like me, a part of your brain probably immediately reacts to the word. evolutiaaaagghhhLA LA LA LIII CAN’T HEAR YOUUUU🙉 it was worse than a bad word in my house. it wasn’t evolution. it was evilution. we never, ever talked about it. if anything even mentioned that word, we threw that thing out and did not read that terrible awful thing, NOPE NOPE NOPE I DID NOT COME FROM NO MONKEY GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN!!!1!

my brain’s defenses against this word were so strong that i was in my twenties before i realized that evolution literally just means change over time. that’s it. it’s not even a word exclusive to science.

science doesn’t have an agenda. it’s not a tool of 🐍The Devil🐍. science doesn’t presuppose anything. it starts from zero. science is what happens when people get curious and start looking for things and asking “why?” and “how does that work?” it’s when your four year old turns over big rocks to see the cool bugs and shit underneath. when your kid disassembles some appliance to see how it works and if they can put it back together. when you’re a hella dumb college freshman and you wonder what happens when you boil soda, so you boil some fucking soda (definitely, definitely not me😬).

get curious. trust yourself. fear nothing.✌🏻

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