one of the things that began to bother me earliest in my roughly five year journey from staunch christian faith to atheism was hell. yes, of course as christians we’ve all asked (and know the answer to), “but how could a loving god send people to hell?!”

no, it began to bother me on another level.

god is either all powerful, or he’s limited by his own “nature.” it can’t be both ways.

unfortunately, probably like you, i was taught that both of these things are true (again, it can’t be both ways. we are all “all powerful” within our own limitations).

this means that before he began creating our world and us, he decided upon a structure for how things would work.

that’s the part i couldn’t stop thinking about.

he’s all powerful, meaning he could set things up in any conceivable way. and he’s omniscient, so he knows the exact outcome of every possible scenario.

when we learn about hell, we’re taught that god had to make it (or let satan make it, whichever you prefer) and is “forced” to send people there who reject him. we are taught that this is because of his nature. 

but he’s all powerful. didn’t he choose this “nature” in which hell is necessary?

2 thoughts on “hell.🔥

  1. Jodi D says:

    God doesn’t send people to hell. People choose hell. People who turn away from God and decide they want to go to hell. It is close to the question of why bad things happen if God loves us.

    It is free will and total love. If you do not have free will, you really cannot choose to love or hate someone. If you are not choosing to love, the love is pretty weak and actually not love.

    Would you want someone to love you because they love you or because you are a lottery winner? Of course, you would want real love from someone who is very free to choose to choose anyone in the whole world to spend there lives with… God created man to love Him, but wanted real love and not just robots. This reality of free will means people are also free to deny God, choose hate, choose evil, etc.

    Hope this helps you on your journey. Just because you seem to be raised by Christians who believed a certain way doesn’t mean you won’t make it back to Christ. Many Christians believe evolution is absolutely possible and even completely in line with creation by God/intelligent designer. There is nothing in Christianity that says God didn’t or couldn’t create humanity over billions of years (in our time) and use Christianity.

    To really blow your mind, look up the astronomer who first thought up the Big Bang Theory for creation of the universe. Just happpened to be a Belgian, Roman Catholic Priest. Science and Christianity are not at odds despite what some bigots or uneducated might think.

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