ten things.

hi, friends. i’m here again.

i never wanted to leave. every year when my payment renewed for this site, i thought, “another year. when will i write again? will it be worth reading? was anything i wrote before worth reading, or was i just self-absorbed? my diary is enough. i write in my diary. i don’t need to write where people will see.”

i still don’t know what i have to say here. i’m just trying to break the dam.

so let me start with a writing prompt. this is from laura tremaine of 10thingstotellyou. her prompt this month is “ten pieces of unsolicited advice.”

my ten pieces of unsolicited advice:

  1. read. books.
    listening to them counts. articles, tweets, and podcasts are not books. read books.
  2. take pictures of things that mean something to you.
  3. keep a diary of sorts.
    if you’re not a ~diary person~ then just use your notes app. type out the things that stay in your mind.
  4. work on your inner self.
  5. make lists of your boundaries and standards for relationships. update it, but make no exceptions.
  6. cry.
  7. do things alone, even if all you can think is how much you wish you weren’t doing them alone.
  8. make your spaces homey. this is more important the less you like where you are.
  9. love.
  10. your period can never ruin black underwear, and black is always sexy.


3 thoughts on “ten things.

  1. Bethany B. says:

    It is good to see you writing. (I know you are always thinking deeply and living creatively, but it is good to see you sharing some of this with the world.)

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