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home: a poem.

i created this space
homey inviting comforting
it’s not big enough for two
i made it for myself?
i made it for myself.
i’ve made every space this way
for myself
i don’t know how else to live.
but when i say i like living alone
that is a lie
that i also created
for myself.

lies: a poem.

there is so much you don’t know that i can’t tell you; that nobody can teach you.
you lived your life so safe. you hurt yourself protecting yourself.
i lived loudly, chasing the mirage of what i wanted,
believing it was really there.
believe, and god is real.
believe, and tinkerbell lives.
believe in your dreams and they’ll come true.
believe in yourself and you can do what can’t be done.
i believed in things that weren’t real, so i lived in a fairytale; i lived in a nightmare.
your heart can’t speak to mine
because it doesn’t know my language.


this little guy.


he’s a little scraggly in places.
i love him more for it.
he’s going to break my heart someday.