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edgar & life lately.

edgar loves his window in our bedroom.

i walked around my town in florida eating a sweet potato left over from thanksgiving.

i started a craft project. i started reading a new book.

i was loved by this sweetheart.

he knew when i was having the hardest times.

i walked. a lot.


IMG_3984 i’m figuring shit out.


life, you guys. for all the times i feel inadequate and frustrated with it, there really are some beautiful things along the way. like this:

watching lately: half the sky (on netflix), a revealing film about the oppression of women and girls around the world. it’s incredibly moving and heartbreaking, and even though ignorance is seems like bliss, i can’t urge you enough to watch it too.

reading lately: i just finished the perks of being a wallflower (so i could go see the movie! which was purely delightful). now i’m rereading the hobbit (HAS IT REALLY BEEN TEN YEARS SINCE THE LAST TIME I READ THAT?! TIME FLIES! CAPS LOCK! OMG!) so i’ll be all brushed up and ready for the long-awaited release of the movie next month. EXCITEMENT.

thinking about lately: what’s going on in the world and how i can make a difference. because i really want to get involved and help people. i want to stand up to the institutional injustices in the world. i want to “be the change i wish to see in the world.”

loving lately: the long movie day husband and i had this week! i bundled up in my most comfortable clothes ever, and we saw flightwreck it ralph, and the perks of being a wallflower. i won’t tell you how much popcorn or diet cherry coke i had.

listening to lately: i finally downloaded the new mumford and sons album and am obsessed with it. it’s nice technology has advanced beyond cassette tapes because mine would be worn out by now.

making me happy lately: this new hair color. i’m a redhead!

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life unemployed

this is day four of my unemployment, and it is grand. until i start working again next month, i’m relaxing and centering myself – which for me, means lots of cleaning, organizing, and planning. in other words, i’m a little in heaven.

so what does a day in my life look like right now? a little like this:

{recipe here}

i generally have trouble keeping plants alive. when i first bought this ficus tree last summer, i made the mistake of placing him in what turned out to be a really dark area of my dining room. he lost nearly all his leaves within three days! but that was over a year ago, and he’s thriving now. (i should come up with a name for “him” shouldn’t i?)

j.r. watkins, if you want to pay me to rave about this cleaner, contact me. seriously, i love everything about this product. i bought it because it’s one of the safest cleaning products i’ve come across, and i love it because i can not believe how well it conquers yuckiness. i’m convinced it can clean everything.

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