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san diego sunset.

my first sunset over the ocean was magical. the weather, the temperature, and the breeze couldn’t have been more perfect. i leaned over the rail, watching the sun sink lower and the waves crash into the rocks, creating the most beautiful swirly white surf i’ve ever seen. the breeze brought the smell of fresh salt water into the air, and i was in heaven.

california, i love you.


san diego.

california is beautiful. i guess you could say it looked just like i expected, only… even better. california has those incredible tall palm trees you don’t find much on the east coast (they remind me of lorax trees – so fun!). the whole city seemed brighter and more colorful – happier? – than the other beachy places i’ve visited (along the east coast and in the gulf). or maybe it was just my excitement that made it seem that way. i was in california!!!!