march 20, 2013

on march 20th, my little love left this world.

IMG_1585-001IMG_1172 copyIMG_1179 copyIMG_1187 copy
she would have turned three last month.

i love you, tiny turdbutt.

dc trip and inauguration photos

these are all of our photos from the trip a couple of weeks ago. enjoy.

IMG_0650IMG_0737IMG_0653IMG_0657IMG_0020 we stayed with my friend edwin, who lives two blocks from the capitol.
technically, we could see the capitol from his apartment. IMG_0023IMG_0027IMG_0664IMG_0665IMG_0660IMG_0676IMG_0034IMG_0036IMG_0041IMG_0048IMG_0051IMG_0067IMG_0066IMG_0065IMG_0070IMG_0071 20-54-40-071IMG_0084IMG_0092IMG_0096IMG_0111IMG_0099IMG_0101IMG_0103-002IMG_0105IMG_0104-001IMG_0107IMG_0108IMG_0119IMG_0701IMG_0703IMG_0122-001IMG_0731IMG_0730IMG_0728IMG_0729IMG_0734

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christmas at my house

i like to celebrate the twelve days of christmas. remember my post about christmas overrunning thanksgiving? well, in addition to being completely appalled that christmas somehow descended upon all the shops and radio stations everywhere while most of us were still drunk from halloween, i equally hate that christmas vanishes just as quickly by the time the sun rises on december 26th. can we not have some time to enjoy it now that it’s finally here?!

so as it does every year, our tree stayed intact until january 6th, when i packed the lights and ornaments away and clipped the limbs off to be burned in the fireplace (actually, that’s still an ongoing project as this year’s tree was very full. read: there is an odd half-tree in my living room right now).

though i am no longer religious, christmas still means a great deal to me. perhaps it’s the humanitarian concepts of the holiday; the “peace on earth and good will to all;” the encouragement to think of others and give to them if we can. it’s also the happy memories and good feelings about christmastime that i recall from my troubled childhood. besides, who even needs an excuse to put a tree in their house and smother it with shining, twinkling, colorful trinkets for a whole month?? it’s one of the most wonderful and completely bizarre ideas humans ever came up with if you ask me… and i love it.

do you like to keep christmas going after december 25th? if you’re atheist or otherwise non-religious and enjoy christmas, why? what does it mean to you?

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