snow flakes

i’ve been feeling a little blue lately. a little more worried about things than usual. even less in the christmas spirit than normal, and i always get excited about christmas. (and other holidays. and birthdays.)

so i worked on a little project for fun this afternoon: paper snowflakes! i hadn’t made those since i was a child. i remember them hanging in my bedroom windows until they were so old and dried out they fell apart when i touched them.

i think this needs to become a tradition again in my life. i love opening them to see what design i’ve created! of course, it didn’t fix my problems, but a little snowflake-making therapy was just what i needed today.


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6 thoughts on “snow flakes

  1. I love making snowflakes! I make literally hundreds every year. :-)

  2. s says:

    We aren’t really decorating our house this year, since we are going to be packing over Christmas, so I just want to really go all out on decorating presents and making snow flakes is a great idea!

    Your cats are super cute!

    • i think a few snow flakes will make it feel really festive even if they’re the only decorations you do! remember how buddy the elf decorated walter’s house with only plain white paper snowflakes and paper chains? ;]

  3. Deidre says:

    They’re beautiful! I love the symmetry of your snow flakes :)

    Do you read secret agent josephine? She made lots of really intricate snow flakes this year that I was quite inspired by :)

    I was always disappointed that my snow flakes weren’t nearly as intricate and beautiful as I hoped they’d be when I opened them.

    • thanks! i was HARD CORE into origami when i was younger, so when i made these, i used a lot of origami folds – i made sure that i always folded my papers the same on both sides so the flakes would come out… symmetrical! they’re not intricate, but they were fun just the same. i’ll go check out josephine’s. :]

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